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How to operate the sander correctly

When the sanding machine is in operation, due to improper operation, the machine will show minor defects, and we need to clean it in time. If the disposal is not timely or improperly, it may affect consumption. Therefore, there are strict requirements for technicians, and they must familiarize themselves with the operation process, perform correct operation and timely cleaning.

Let’s stop analyzing the common problems caused by improper operation of the sander. The belt deviation is usually caused by improper adjustment. The normal belt swing should be 15-20mm, 15-20 times/min, moderate swing speed and different swing in and out speeds. If it is in an abnormal state for a long time, it may show deviation phenomenon.


In particular, the speed of swing in and out is not different, which is more likely to cause abnormal shutdown; the photoelectric switch is damaged, the solenoid valve is damaged, and the swing cylinder is damaged. Poor dust collection and high dust concentration will affect the normal operation of the photoelectric cell and cause the belt to run off. Damaged accessories should be replaced in time to improve the dust removal results.
Limit switches are on both sides of the belt. When the belt swings out of order and runs off to one side, touch the limit switch and the belt will loosen and the main motor will automatically stop, which can effectively maintain the belt. Once the limit fails, it can cause damage to the abrasive belt, generate sparks from the friction frame, and even cause a fire. Therefore, the limit switch should always check whether the action is reliable.

Abrasive belt wrinkles Once wrinkled, abrasive belts cannot be used again. There are generally three possible causes of abrasive belt wrinkles: sand rollers and tension rollers wear and form; sand belts become damp and soft to cause wrinkles, and drying can be used. Disposal: The sander does not use the sand roller for a long time, and the surface is rusty and rough, and the belt swings hard to cause a trend. At this time, the roller should be rusted or sanded with finer sandpaper.

Post time: Aug-05-2020