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R-RP630 fully automatic intelligent sanding machine

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Release Time:2019-4-4 12:53:25

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Sanding plate maximum width R-RP630mm R-RP1000mm R-RP1300mm
Sanding plate thickness 2.5-110mm 2.5-110mm 25-110mm
Sanding plate length >200mm >200mm >200mm
Belt speed (first group) 20m/s 20m/s 19.5m/s
Belt speed (second group) 16m/s 16m/s 15m/s
Belt size (width * length) 640*1900 1020*2000 1330*2200
Total motor power 22kw 28kw 64kw
First sand motor power 11kw 15kw 37kw
Second sand motor power 7.5kw 11kw 22kw
Conveyor motor power 1.5kw 1.5kw 4kw
Workbench lifting motor power 0.37kw 0.37kw 0.37kw
Feed rate 5.5-28m/min 5.5-28m/min 55-28mmin
Dimensions (width * length * height) 1200*2000*1930 1570*2000*1930 2450*2700*2100
Equipment weight 2000kg 2800kg 3500kg


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